building muscleYes, this is a page dedicated to you! It contains free downloads to help get you started. Why? Because I love this lifestyle, it is rewarding in so many ways, it changes lives for the better, and I want you to experience the same benefits too. It’s like when you have seen a really good film or been to a very good restaurant, you’re so excited about it, you want to share that experience, so you then tell all your friends!

That is how I feel about this lifestyle and I know that sometimes all you need is a little push, a helping hand in the right direction, plus everyone loves free gifts and for me there really is more happiness in giving. So make the most of it and enjoy!

There will be more material added each month to this page, so please feel free to sign up and be notified of any free updates and promotions.




  • Mp3 “introduction”
  • Desire, your starting point!
  • Pyramid of health and strength
  • The pain barrier
  • Introduction to the platinum course



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